Avianca is the commercial brand that represents the Latin American airlines integrated in Avianca Holdings S.A.  Its workforce of over 19,000 employees have been recognised to provide an excellent world class service. The Avianca airlines, specialised in air cargo and passenger transportation, serve 108 direct destinations in 26 countries throughout the American and European continents with its modern fleet of 189 short, medium and long haul aircraft.


Through its membership with Star Alliance, Avianca offers the possibility to connect to more than 1,316 destinations in 192 countries globally. Through LifeMiles, the loyalty program, the airline offers a wide range of benefits and travel options to its more than 7.2 million registered members. 

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Avianca has a fleet composed of 189 modern short, medium and long haul aircraft comprising of Airbus ...


Avianca offers the most modern amenities in its newest airplanes. For example, the airline has indiv ...

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